Epstein Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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No adults, no rules, and no land to be found. They realize they are stuck on an island. Lord of the Flies is a novel written by William Golding, about how a group of young British boys get trapped on an island, and try to survive without any adult supervision and rules. They have to overcome many obstacles about a potential beast on the island, and saving themselves from the ruthless world of savagery. Lord of the Flies is an allegorical novel containing hidden meanings and symbols like Ralph and the conch shell that relate to Golding’s overall theme that all people are essentially evil.
In the article that E.L Epstein wrote about Lord of the Flies, he stated that the theme of Lord of the Flies “Is an attempt to trace the defects of society
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Golding suggests that Ralph represents leadership and democracy on the island. In Lord of the Flies, Ralph was elected chief because “there was his size, and attractive appearance” (22). Ralph represents leadership, and a properly civilized young man. He demonstrates common sense, and wants to do everything he can do to keep the island civilized, and not turn to savagery, until Jack rivals his command. Ralph seems genuinely interested in the welfare of the community on the island. Ralph is the one that initiates the meeting, by blowing the conch that him and Piggy found on the beach. All of the littluns looked up to Ralph and his amazing stature, and they all voted for him to be their leader of the island. He keeps working vigilantly to keeps the groups focus on trying to get home. Ralph makes very cautious and smart decisions for the island, like building the huts on the beach, and making a signal fire. Ralph exclaimed, “ We can help them find us, we must make a fire” (38). Ralph said this, so that ships from the water can see the smoke from the mountain, and hopefully come and rescue all of the boys on the island. Literary critic Paul Slayton’s article states that “Ralph does not seek the leadership role, he is elected, because his older, attractive in appearance, and he lastly possesses the conch shell” (Slayton). He takes this leadership opportunity, and turns it for the better, and demonstrates courage, intelligence, and diplomatic skill. Finding the conch, was a major key to Ralph taking part in this leadership
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