Equal Employment Ethical Dilemmas

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I interned with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of Raleigh. Confidentiality is one of the most important issue that is a must. One such day as I went along my business I called an employee of a company to find if there was any correlation between discrimination and termination. The survey went along until I asked a question and they exclaimed they wanted the person who filed the claim against the company. This situation is an ethical dilemma. An ethical dilemma is an issue that it involves serious consequences to human welfare because it is effecting four parties: the EEOC, myself, the charging party and the employee who asked. The resolution could harm all four parties or not any parties. Egoism is an ethic theory that of an act…show more content…
Utilitarianism express that actions are judged on whether they contribute to the good of everyone rather than detracting. If I tell the person the identification of the charging party I detract from proving good for everyone. I affect all four negative parties. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission gets harmed as they indirectly could get involved in a lawsuit. I get harmed because I would lose a job. The charging party would get harmed in the way because that other employee could cause harm to them directly. There is harm also to the party the information is told to because they gain information that could be dispersed to more parties causing more harm. But if I withheld and not tell, I contribute to the good of everyone. It is okay to harm some individual for the greater good of the whole community. In this case it would be wise to politely argue back to the person wanting the information that no information will be given as it is not permitted. I would stop their…show more content…
A potential consequence of giving the information away is fulfilling the curiosity of the individual. Since I was conducting the online survey, my supervisor would not know in that instance however the truth could be revealed afterwards when the charging party calls backs and expresses why someone knew that they filed a charge. A rebuttal of the exposure would put the EEOC into a lawsuit and the loss of my internship. I would no longer be able to work for the federal government. However things would be different by withholding the confidential information, as I would adhere to the confidential policy and the privacy of the charging party would be respected. I would not lose my ability to work of the federal government and the EEOC would not get
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