Equal Employment Opportunity Act 1984

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The Equal employment opportunity act 1984 was passed through the Western Australian parliament in 1984 with the purpose of eliminating discrimination and promoting recognition and acceptance of men and women in the workplace. Some of the ways people can be discriminated against are due to sex, race, religion and age. During recruitment for example, employment should be awarded to the best candidate for the position and not because of sex, race, religion or age to name a few. When working we need to respect and accept our colleagues individuality's and treat them in a fair and professional way, treating them how we wish to be treated. If during employment an employee feels they have been treated less favourably then this can be grounds for a complaint to be made. Complaints are to be made in writing, signed and sent to the…show more content…
The protocol sets out how e-commerce websites structure the customer information on their checkout forms. This allows accurate and easy inputting of customer information into different website's checkout forms without repeated input of the same data. Billing, shipping and payment information are all examples of the types of information that can be transferred between merchant websites.
d.) When conducting business dealings with people with special needs it is first important to understand their needs and requirements and be able to adapt your approach to meet these needs. An example would be when dealing with someone with a hearing difficulty to give them information in writing and meeting with them in person.
e.) Support staff play a vital role in helping people with special needs experience life in a positive way. They fully understand the needs, wishes and abilities of the individual. Having discussions with them will give a clear understanding of what is required by all parties to achieve a rewarding and positive outcome for
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