Equal Opotypes In Hollywood: The Wage Gap In Hollywood

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The wage gap in Hollywood is when actresses are not being paid the same amount of money compared to men for doing the same job. Hollywood is supposed to be about equal opportunities, but with how the industry is run, males are treated better than women in regards to pay. When Forbes Magazine released an annual list of the highest paid actors and actresses of 2017 in August of 2017, there was a 43 million dollar difference between the highest paid actor and actress. In order to solve the issue, more actors should forgo part of their salaries in an effort to raise actresses’ salaries. The topics include different examples of how it effects women in Hollywood not just actors, how male actors are now starting to change how women are being treated and why more actors need to speak up about this problem. The wage gap is not a new concept to people, it is becoming a bigger issue in popular culture. More people are speaking up about the wage gap on social media, graphics on different news sites are being shared that show that women are making less to $1 made to a man. Most studios do not pay the actresses the same amount of money as their male counterparts. Sexism in Hollywood has always been an issue. Hollywood became more accepting of actresses in film in the 1920’s, which is when discrimination became prevalent in the industry. There are many accounts of Hollywood actresses who were under contract with big studios who were treated unfairly whether that be emotional and physical

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