Equal Rights Movement Gloria Steinem Analysis

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Women did not have equal rights like men did back in the 1960ś and this then caused a rise of the second feminist movement wave and lasted till 1990ś arrived. In the 1960ś women were limited to doing normal everyday things they did such as anything that involved schooling and going to work in certain areas, but the majority of women were known as stay at home wives. Not only did women not have equal rights, but had to deal with the domestic violence and rape at home for their husbands or any men. The feminist movement is for women who do not have reproductive rights, leave, equal pay, protection from sexual harassment, sexism, etc. Women are fighting for something they should’ve been obligated since they reached their legal age. The goal of the second wave of feminism was to secure the rights of women and have economic equality for women in workplaces and to have protection for…show more content…
“I have been refused service in public restaurants, ordered out of public gathering places, and turned away from apartment rentals…” (Steinem). Gloria Steinem wants to make the audience feel sympathy for her and the situation because they are discriminating her because of her sex that’s he is. She uses catalogue to let the Senate know the places she was not welcomed in and persuade the senates to pass the equal rights amendment. Gloria Steinem also uses a demanding tone when she states “We have all been silent for too long. But we won’t be silent anymore”. In the statement she makes above she is letting the senates and men know the seriousness and frustrations. This tone also makes it powerful because she is making an effort for to change the thought of women as an
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