Women In The 1920's Lucky Strike

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By the 1920’s Lucky Strike was a house hold name among men. They were one of the top three brands of the time partly due to their ciggaretts being included in soldirs rations ,this made sure that when they returned home, most of the men would be addicted, thus ensuring more sails. Lucky Strike was constantly batteling for first place in this competative market, and new ways to put them there were constantly needed. George Hill, Presedent of American Tobacco Company ( the parent compony of Lucky Strike) realized that there was a large, previously untapped “gold mine right in our front yard” of potential conumers. This gold mine, as he called it, was in the form of women in the United States.
Do to the demands of World War one , women had
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The “Tourches of Freedom” campain was a P.R. stunt like none before it.
The idea was that on the morning of the New York City Easter parade down 5th ave . that women would step out into the crouds while smoking. Not only did it work, but it created such a large scandal that it wasn’t long before women all over the country had taken up the call to arms so to speak. It was such a success that there were seminars teaching women how to properly smoke, so they would look attractive, these seminars taught women what men liked and disliked when a women smoked.
Using the momentom of this, the next big move was to use the new trend of loosing wieght and sliming down to push the brand even farther. What if women could be programed ? What if you could get them to replace one craving with
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This innovative method of preparing the tobacco was by frying the tobacco leaves instead of letting them sun dry like the rest of their competition. This method not only made them smoother, but also gave them a chocolate and coffee taste as well. Later during World War Two they decided to give the Lucky Strike brand a face lift, they changed the color from green to red and white, claiming the green color used copper which was needed for the war effort. The new red and white package gave an appearance of
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