Equal Rights Of Women During The 1800's

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Reflection #3 word count: All through history, our society has had problems with accepting the idea that women deserve the same right that men have. For example, during the 1800’s men believe that women were not strong enough to be someone in the real world; to now with men believing that a women is not capable of being someone powerful in the real world. It has taken almost 2,000 years to let women be treated as an actually human and not a poverty or an object., to start seeing girl power and what they are able to become. During the 1800’s, a new type of revolution began for women that change the simple life for ever. Women all over the country began to noticed that they can become someone important. In July 13, 1848, Elizabeth Cady Stanton; a typical young new yorker housewife and four of her friends got together and that day they began an important movement called the women's rights movement.…show more content…
After the women’s right movement began, the hope that women would be treated equal and that they would have the right to vote began to come true. The only problem was that their society was a male dominated world, and men believe that a woman's goal in life was to become a perfect housewife. Before the women’s right movement, women could had never imagine a world where they would be treated equal and that they could vote and that they could one day change the

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