Equal Society In Harrison Bergeron

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The united states has forever talked about and tried for a equal perfect society but in the story “Harrison Bergeron” it shows us that that is impossible. Nobody is equal. No one is the same we all have different specialties and different weaknesses. So the effort for making a equal society is impractical. It is impossible for an equal society. In “Harrison Bergeron” the government makes an attempt for everyone to be equal and the same in every way. This plan to make everyone equal ends up making everyone miserable. You can’t be better than anyone in any way and you are the same as everyone else. The idea of a equal society is very uncivil.

George bergeron is very limited in many ways by the government. They almost have complete control over him. He has to wear excruciating weights so he is not stronger than anyone else. The ear buds he wears send loud shots of sounds so he forgets his train of thought so he doesn't have an
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They claimed he was way too strong smart and way too unequal. In the text it says “Harrison was just thrown in jail for plotting to overthrow the government he is a genius and an athlete he is under handicapped and should be regarded as extremely dangerous” The government interrupted the tv show which was a ballet play to put an announcement that he escaped and this is the description they used. Harrison was just trying to end what the government was doing because they were overpowered but they described him with such harsh descriptions. Harrison interrupts the play and shows up on the screen shortly after the announcement. He claims “I am the emperor. Do you hear that? I am the emperor everyone must do what i say at once.” He is saying follow him if you want what is right, BEcause the government was doing wrong. He orders the musicians to play better music and he orders the dancer he chose to dance better. In a way he was breaking her “chains” or
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