Equal Treatment Hypothesis

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Gender should not depend on how people get treated differently from the opposite gender. If someone commits a crime regardless of their gender, they both should have to face the consequences regarding the crime they committed. A male should not be treated different than a female after committing a crime just because he is male and visa versa. Gender discrepancies play a role in everything in our world today. Whether it be in crime, sports, school, or even careers, males are typically punished much harder than females, and also get the most credit when it comes to sports, school, and their careers compared to females who excel in the exact same thing males do, even if the females are better than the males in any of those fields. Gender neutral…show more content…
Her first hypothesis is the equal treatment hypothesis. The equal treatment hypothesis is where there is no gender discrimination in crime processing, such as for when a woman commits a crime, she gets charged the same if a man were to do it, by law enforcement. Her next hypothesis is the chivalry hypothesis, which states that there is in fact gender discrimination in the criminal justice legal system against men compared to women and that men are treated more harshly whereas women are treated with more leniency. Her last hypothesis is the evil woman hypothesis, which states that women are treated more harshly compared to men being treated with more leniency. The reasoning behind the evil woman hypothesis was that woman have violated gender roles as well as laws, which is consistent with hostile sexism. Women may receive more assistant and help post prison compared to men since women typically are not as psychologically as stable compared to men. Men should also be offered this same options as the women are instead of being stereotyped into one category as everyone being the same as one another. People believe that more women are offered more assistance after being released from jail compared to men because men typically want to play the “tough man” role to prove that they do not need any help compared to women once being released from jail. Another factor to as why women receive more options compared to men is that women are usually more targeted by those who they may have gotten to know in jail or even prior to being in jail and also tend to be a victim rather than being a recurring
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