Equalit In Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron

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There are multifarious factors that can contribute to an author’s writing piece and influence the message they might want to get across or the way they feel about the topic they are writing about. Situations going on in their society, government, and even their own personal life are all factors that can manipulate an author’s opinion on a topic. Experiences, whether delightful or unpleasant, will always leave a memory and influence one’s life in an abounding number of ways, which tends to reflect into an author’s piece. Sometimes author’s will even try to influence their own audience to feel they way they do about certain topics and issues. The short story, Harrison Bergeron, written by Kurt Vonnegut in 1961 consists of the author’s underlying mockery of…show more content…
They try to make each person equal through either mentally or physically handicapping them, only, in reality, they are not equal at all. Qualities of strength, intelligence, and beauty were all taken away from those in possession by the new amendments added to the American Constitution. The Handicapper General ensures that the laws of equality are enforced at all times. The government in Harrison Bergeron almost mirrors what a communist government would consist of. The people cannot think far enough understand that their own government is inauspicious and destroying their own people. When two people realized their strengths and tried to rebel, the Handicapper General came in with a double-barreled shotgun and shot both them both, warning the rest of the people that if they follow in their path they will end up dead just like the two who realized they were worth so much more. By the way that Kurt Vonnegut describes the government forcing equality on the people and the irony of the people not actually meeting the equality, one can see the mockery of a communist
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