Equality 7-2521 Analysis

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The story of Equality 7-2521 begins with the words of “It is a sin to write this.”( ) Throughout the story, Equality’s views and mindset changes a lot , he is no longer thinking of his brothers and is only thinking of himself. He changes throughout the story due to his curiousity; he also replaces the word “We,” adopting it with the word “I”. By doing this he progresses it towards his true self. His journey begins with a mysterious hole in the ground that he finds. In the story, Equality finds a mysterious hole in the ground with his friend, International 4-8818. Equality decides to go down into the hole in the ground even though International 4-8818 tells him that it is forbidden to as shown on pg( ) “ “. Equality 7-2521 decides to keep going back to this hole. International 4-8818 does not tell anyone of this dark hole. Equality 7-2521 steals items from different Homes to take back to the hole…show more content…
From experimenting with this strange object, he discovers something amazing. On page 59, Equality describes this thing as: “…a box of glass, devised to give forth the power of the sky of greater strength that we had ever achieved before.” Equality comes up with an idea of going to the Council of the Scholars to show them his amazing device so that they would let him be accepted as one of them. His assumptions were wrong. Instead, they rejected him and sent him to be lashed. Something good happens to Equality. He managed to escape and heads for the Uncharted Forest. Equality then lives out in the uncharted forest with his now pregnant Wife Gaea (known as Liberty 5-3000 or the Golden One before) in a house that was left over from the Unmentionable Times. Prometheus (known as Equality 7-2521), invites three of his friends to this house to start a new life. This is when the adaptation of the word “I” comes to. Equality is finally free from the will of
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