Equality 7-2521 In Ayn Rand's The Golden One

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Liberty 5-3000 is a peasant woman and works in the fields next to where Equality 7-2521 and International 4-8818 is also a street sweeper alongside Equality 7-2521 and is his best friend. Our main character falls in love with Liberty 5-3000 and gives her a name in his mind, The Golden One. The Golden One soon tells our main character that she to has made a name for him and she reveals that calls him, The Unconquered. It reveals that International 4-8818 is not that bright -in the book- and is a clumsy fool. They both have important roles as characters in the Novella.

`They both help Equality 7- 2521 and make him understand the world of nature around him more. The Golden One makes him understand Love and Affection. International 4-8818 makes
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She made him undergo changes he didn't know possible. When he went to the house of mating he found it dirty and shameful to lie with a woman. When he found with The Golden One and found it prideful and had no shame with it. The Golden One made him realize being Damned wasn't bad when she became damned with him.

International 4-8818 was our main character's friend. We stayed with him with hard labor. They were both street sweepers making them best friends and having a truthful bond and became so trustful that they became to tell each other their secrets. International 4-8818 wasn't as smart as our main character with separated Our main character from him. They were friends and spent years together in labor and thus making a bond between them making our main character aware of feelings and friendship giving him more personality and the desire to be significant.

The Golden One and International 4-8818 both contribute in Prometheus’s life. They both play major roles in his role in society. The Golden One does have a much bigger part in his life that International 4-8818. But in the end The Golden One is the one that is with our main character. In the end our main character is broken from society and in exile but The Golden One is with him and they are happy with
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