Equality 7-2521 In Elie Wiesel's Novel

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Often times it is hard to feel different and the outsider from society that one lives in. Trying to conform with the surroundings is a common coping mechanism to feel regular and fit int a society that they do not feel one with. Equality 7-2521 is a prime example of someone who struggles with feeling out of place in society and different from those around him. Although conforming is something that naturally when feeling out of place in society one would do, Equality 7-2521 does not. He stands his ground for what he believes in, what he wants and commits to his beliefs as an independent individual no matter what the harsh consequences might entail. His primary tensions that arise during the beginning chapters of the novel are the desire to be in the underground tunnel when not allowed due to his vast amount of…show more content…
His desire to be with Liberty 5-3000 or become a scholarly scientist or even just be alone in the tunnel shows that he is far more content with himself than conforming to those around him or the laws set around him. His reference to himself as a transgressor and a sinner is due to the fact that although he feels confident enough to stand for what he believes in and do what he wants he stills feels a sense of guilt for not abiding by the laws around him. The laws that were set around him are set for a reason and purpose, therefore he feels guilt and remorse when he does not abide by them. For example when he was down in the tunnel alone when he was not supposed to be it calmed him and made him happy that he was there and able to sneak away alone however he felt a sense of evil. He writes and thinks alone in the tunnel but he knows it is evil what he is doing and the harsh reality is that he will be punished if
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