Equality 7-2521 Research Paper

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On Monday evening, Equality 7-2521 was caught being late to House of Street Sweepers after the last bell. He was taken to the House of Corrective Detention and beaten until he told Council where he had been, but never breathed a word of it. Four days later the guard was doing his nightly rounds, checking prisoners and cells, when he realized room 7 was empty. Equality 7-2521 had escaped! The guard quickly called for back up in hopes of finding him in the prison but did not have any luck at finding him. He notified all the surround Councils and Houses of the missing prisoner. Equality 7-2521 escaped to his underground tunnel he found years ago behind the theatre. Only few people knew about the secret place, so he knew he would be safe until
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After being told to go back to the House of Corrective Detention he ran the opposite way, toward the Uncharted Forest. The Uncharted Forest was forbidden for anyone to go into, because it was said to be “evil”. When Equality 7-2521 stopped running it was too late and he was already in the Uncharted Forest. He faced everyone’s fears and stayed in the forest, to hide from the guards. After realizing the forest was not as scary as everyone had said he began going further into it. One night he heard someone in the bushes getting closer and closer. He hid until he could see who it was and realized it was Liberty 5-3000, his “Golden One”. They both continued into the Uncharted Forest until they came upon a vacant house. They found strange and unique items inside the house such as books, mirrors and light bulbs. Both Equality and Liberty decided that would be the house they started their new lives in. They created their own little world in the “Uncharted Forest”. After reading some books Equality 7-2521 decided they needed their own names since they were in their own place. Equality’s name would be Prometheus, leader and teacher, and Liberty’s name would be
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