Equality And Equality In Anthem By Ayn Rand

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Trey Clevenger Monath Language Arts II 5 October 2016 Individuality “Jumped out the window, and didn’t even realize I ran into the forbidden forest” (Rand 62) as Equality runs into the forest he realizes he’s alone and he’ll never see the golden one again. When he was sitting in the forest he thought about all the laws he broke and the most important one he stood out as an individual. The Society don’t like individuals so society demands collectivism, conformity, and equality, but Equality 7-2521 wanted to stand out as an individual and defied the laws of the society and stood out. In the beginning, The word “Equality” is the most important word in the community because the society doesn’t want anybody being different or having a different…show more content…
Why does a street sweeper dare come into here?” (Rand 62) As Equality walked in there he felt very looked down on, and they saw him as nothing important. The council thought they were more important than him. Collectivism was showing in this part by the council thinking they were higher than Equality when he walked into there home. Before he found the Subway underground he used to think that the everybody thought of everybody as the same people except for the council of scholars, who are the smart people of the society and look down upon people who are less superior than them. All in all people do not think of everybody as the same people, some people think they are higher than the person next to…show more content…
Equality broke the law of no being with everybody, and not being in the place he was suppose to be at, he also didn’t report it straight to the council like he was suppose too. Conformity took place here because he didn’t report it to the council like he was suppose to and broke the laws. “It was a great tunnel. The walls were hard and smooth to the touch, it felt like stone but it was not stone.” (Rand 32). After they discovered the subway they went they everyday and experimented with new stuff they got from the community and started learning about the unmentionable times. After a while of experimenting he discovered the power of light. Light could change the whole community but when he tried to show it to the council they all shunned him and didn’t accept it into the community. Throughout the whole book Equality had to fight the society and their ways they saw the community should be, but Equality had a different invision of the community, a community that was filled with individualism and not Equality, Collectivism, or Conformity. He thought that the community should know about the unmentionable times and no beheld secret from
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