Equality And Equality: Speech Outline Of Gender Equality

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Gender Equality

We live in a world where we all stereotype people, places, and things. When we think of a nurse we assume it’s female, when we think of the colour blue we think of guys, and when we think of our kitchen, we think about our mom. But why can’t men be nurses, girls wear the colour blue and our fathers cook? These are all gender labels we place on ourselves, peers, and family members without a second thought. This frustrates me… why are we limiting options of jobs, colours, or hobbies to certain genders? Growing up, movies and TV shows always taught me that women are not meant to play sports, men can’t be stay-at-home dads, women don’t know how to play video games and or that men don’t know how to cook. It’s just so annoying because you know what… I make better food than my sisters. I think it is totally wrong to put labels and stereotypes on others because we should all be able to do the things we want to without gender being a barrier. Everyone assumes that sexism does not occur in a country like Canada, but they are all wrong! Although under Section 15.1 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms states equal rights for all, including both genders … we fail to practice this. Hello 8D4, today I’ll be informing you on how women and men are still underestimated in a country like ours and how the issue of gender equality is yet to be acknowledged by Canadians

You may ask what gender equality is. Gender equality is a movement, taken by all to raise awareness on how

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