Equality And Inequality In Nepal

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Caste system has been a major issue not only in India but also in Nepal. The never ending cycle of inequality which seems to pop up from time to time was and is more severe in Nepal than in India. One of the major reasons might be that more and more Indians are turning into liberal mindset which enables them to accept one and all. Many people in Delhi and now in the rest of the Indian states don’t know which caste they come from nor do they care. However, it is exactly the opposite attitude in Nepal where everyone knows which caste they belong to and also know about the caste of other people. This caste system and discrimination of different sects of society has led to the breakdown of the country in various regions like economic and social. In Nepal a person can make out another person’s caste just from their surname, it shows that inequality has reached new heights and in my opinion is unacceptable which is propagated through schools and other such places. Just like India, Nepal too has a past to the inequality and many a time the horrors of the past affects the present and the future. This whole article deals with the caste system of Nepal and how it has affected them. It also states about the Janajati movement and its affect on the people and how they reacted to the various

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