Equality And Two Types Of Liberalism In The 21st Century

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It is obvious that in the 21st century, liberalism tends to be all powerful. Liberalism includes the concept of liberty and equality and two types of liberalism are also introduced, which will be discussed in the following essay. It is a compound of political, social and economic theories that emphasis on liberal in individual, freedom of economic, democracy and the way to rule the country by law. First of all, let us define what liberty is. Liberty comes from the word “liber” in Latin which means free. Liberty is one of the political concepts that people have the freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religious and freedom of arm. It occurs when the state takes excessive action constraining different action, beliefs and thought of people. Second, under the laws set up by the state, every individual citizen are equal no matter what race, sex and culture that they belong to. Third, a democratic government is also elementary which is ruled by either one person who is being selected or elected among all the people or by their own – the citizens. Moreover, laws should not be dogmatically and should be equal to all. There are two kinds of liberalism in the modern society which is economic liberalism and social liberalism. The term economic liberalism means fundamental free trade in the market and private individual ownership of each association. Social liberalism states that all individual has the right to do one thing and should be supported unless the action is not a

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