Equality Conquered In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Anthem is a novel about a man, Equality 7-2521, who has been different from everyone else ever since he was a child. Equality has more ambition than the other people and he also breaks some of the laws. such as using the word "I" and keeping secrets from the council. But, his collectivist society taught him that being different is a sin so, he tries hard to suppress his curiosity and his desire of wanting another job than what the council assigned him. One day, as equality is working , he sees the beautiful Liberty 5-3000 among the peasants. She also notices him. As they continuously meet in the fields, she eventually names him the Unconquered. Equality soon discovers a tunnel and begins to secretly explore it even though this action is forbidden. While exploring the tunnel Equality discovers electricity, which is un herd of in his society. Equality decides to experiment with the technology and constructs a glass box that emits light.
Equality disregards the fact that what he has been doing if forbidden in his society and takes his invention to the World Council of Scholars. But, before he can take his invention to the council, he is caught in the act of creating the glass box and is taken to he Palace of
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In Anthem the city that Prometheus and Gaea lived In was the largest city under the councils control, it was also the councils headquarters. Even though Anthem is set in the future, after technology basically destroyed the world, the city that is was set in had about the same technology advances as London did in the 1800s. They also had the same building structures as the city in Anthem. Anthem did not give a specific name of the city is was set in so, were going to call it "Tous Ensemble" which means together as one in French. Even though the set is based off the 1800s we will say the time period is
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