Equality Essay: Educational Inequality And Equality In India

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Educational Equality
Introduction: The concept of equality is quite a contested topic because the term means “equal” and “equally” which signifies a qualitative relationship involving people or things and this has a relationship that is much more complex. Therefore, when we talk of educational equality, we need to think are we looking at educational equality between men and women or the resources that are been devoted to education or is it the question of equality between racial, ethnic or social classes that is of a concern and if we look at equality from the perspective of public policy then it makes sense to be concerned about the inequalities between the groups which often correlate with disadvantages in the real world. Hence, addressing these group based inequalities will lead to an efficient method to tackle the inequalities that exist between individuals like for example, our Indian society is highly stratified based on caste and class which is one of the major cause for inequality and hence the resources that are available for the disadvantaged students are fewer than the others because of which the levels of achievement are lower when compared to students from other communities therefore we can correlate educational equality as a relationship between individuals and its connection to justice. Therefore when we talk about educational inequalities we cannot talk only about the disparities in funding opportunities but it also depends on various other factors that are
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