Equality In America Research Paper

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Times have changed, and so have the virtues and ideals that build up what we know as an American. America has portrayed an image of a “perfect nation” along with a diverse and equal society, however this is far from the truth. If you think that the United States is the most advanced country in the world, you have missed the bullseye and hit the edge of the dartboard. The concept of equality simply does not exist in today’s society. With one look, people already believe they know everything about you. In simple words, an American today is just simply a hypocrite, and are blinded by the belief that they are living the “American Dream”.

The American people have been deceived into believing that they are currently living in the most advanced country in the world, however statistics tell us otherwise. We
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However we aren’t the only country to have freedom; the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia are just some of the many other nations that also enjoy freedom. But the real question is, where do these rights end for an American? An American has their own voice, but the freedom of speech leads to the creation of stereotypes along with discrimination. This is where the concept of an American becoming a hypocrite kicks in. The idea of equality can never be made a reality with individuals treating each other the way they do now. The division among social groups whether it’s by race, religion, gender, economic status, or physical appearance, is unacceptable and the stereotypes only causes tension and for these groups to become more divided and separated from society as a whole. How can the United States boast its diversity, when the diversity of its people calls for tension and lead to a fragmented nation, and contradicts the name of the country itself? When will the American people become united once again just as they did during the Revolutionary
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