Equality In Anthem 'And Survival Ship'

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Imagine living in a society where everything is controlled and no one has any choice in what happens or what they feel. Anthem, set in the distant future, is set in a society where only certain leaders choose how everyone else in the society lives. These leaders decide everything about the people and control everything they do, say, or feel. In addition, “Survival Ship” has a similar setting. This story is also set in the distant future and contains a very controlled and distinct society on the ship that the characters live on. The novella Anthem by Ayn Rand and the short story “Survival Ship” by Judith Merril both use control to establish equality but this prevents equity. Both societies use control to create the idea that everyone is the same. In the text it states, “The crew had…show more content…
It is stated that, “They are our responsibility. It is because we are hardier, longer-lived, less susceptible to pain and illness, better able to withstand, mentally, the difficulties of a life of monotony, that we are placed as we are- and not alone because we are the bearers of children, “ (Merril 63). Since the women are in charge in the ship that society put together, it not only is an unnecessary rule but they are lying to the rest of their society about who they sent on the ship. In this way, it is failing the society and providing no equality on the ship. Also, in the novella it mentions the motto, “We are nothing. Mankind is all. By the grace of our brothers are we allowed our lives. We exist through, by and for our brothers who are the state. ‘Amen’ “ (Rand 21). This motto prevents the idea of equity by saying they should all be the same. It is taking away the idea of individuality and fails the society members. The society is attempting to make all equal however that is nearly impossible to actually do. Both pieces fail their societies by trying to make everyone and everything the
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