Equality In Ayn Rand's Society

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Living in a world with so many rules against being an individual would be horrible. Equality experiences this in his life but hates it and imagines his own world. Anthem is a dystopian style book written by Ayn Rand with a character named Equality that doesn 't like the ways of his society and wants to make his own world.In Anthem, Equality’s society has rules to prevent people from being an individual making them all equal but equality does not want these rules in his envision of his own world. These rules in Equality’s society exist for a reason.
Equality’s society has rules to make their people act as a whole and not as themselfs or own pearson. Equality starts off his journal writing “It is a sin to write think these words no others think ande to put them on to paper no others can see” (Rand 17). Not being able to do things that others can 't is
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Equality would get rid of every single rule taking away from a person 's life in his envision of a world. Equality hates the word We which indicates a group and not a single person because it takes away from people significance. After Equality discovers the word I, he writes about the horrors of the word We “I am done with the monster of “we,” the word of serfdom, of plunder, of misery, falsehood and shame” (Rand 97). Equality says these things with hatred towards the word which shows his great passion to individuality. Something that he would be sure is in his own world. In addition, Equality speaks of making his own decisions as a single pearson. Writing in his journal “I shall choose my friends among men, but neither slavery nor masters” (Rand 96). Equality Adding “neither slavery nor masters” means the people in his world will make decisions solely based on their choice because they don 't have a ruler telling them what to do nor will there ever be one. Equality envisions a world, a world without restrictions to a person 's personality and individuality based off of his envisions and dreams of the perfect
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