Equality In Harrison Bergeron, By Kurt Vonnegut

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It 's well known that a lot of people believe that everyone should be equal. But how far shall we go to achieve equality? In “Harrison Bergeron,” by Kurt Vonnegut, it 's the year 2081 and everyone is made equal with handicaps machines. What they are suppose to do is to make regular people go through what disabled or handicapped people deal with in their daily lives. Throughout the story Vonnegut uses many details to describe and give the reader an idea of how their lifestyle was and how everyone are “equal.” There 's uses of imagery to give a vivid image of how far the government tried to give a “equal” lifestyle for everyone. Then he also uses language that describes the mediocre people or the unique people that didn 't have any disabilities. Throughout the story Vonnegut uses details, language, and imagery to expose how the government isn 't really trying to make everyone “equal” with handicaps, but they don 't have to wear any. Vonnegut uses imagery quite often from start to finish in the story in order to show of the negative tone in the story’s soceity . George, the father of Harrison, can is talked about how is sense of hearing affected him. He had a “ little mental handicap radio in his ear” was required by law to wear it since he is intelligence was above normal. Every once in awhile, a buzzer would go off in his ear, causing him to become distorted. Then as George was watching television, there were ballerinas on set but, they were all weighed down. “ They were
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