Equality In Langston Hughes's 'Ain' T I A Woman

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Equality is about treating people in the same way they treat other people. Equality is not about been segregated. In the poem “Democracy” by Langston Hughes, black people are standing by themselves to fight for their rights and equality. In the speech “Ain't I a woman?” by Sojourner Truth, a woman is speaking and saying that women are strong, they can do everything that men can do. Langston Hughes and Sojourner Truth has a similar perspective on democracy because they both believe about equality between the people. However, they use different strategies to show their perspective. Langston Hughes uses first person point of view and analogy. Sojourner Truth uses word choice and repetition.

In the first place, the authors of the poem
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According to the speech, “Well, children, where there is so much racket there must be something out of kilter.” (Truth 132) In this quote Truth uses word choice to express her perspective on democracy. In this quote the author uses words like racket which means noise and kilter with means out of balance. According to Truth, “Ain't I a woman?” (Truth 132) Sojourner uses repetition to show her perspective on equality. In this quote the author keeps repeating “Ain't I a woman?” to show that she wanted to be treated equal as a man. These are some of the strategies that Sojourner Truth used to show that women are equal as a man.

In summary, the author's perspective on democracy are similar. According to the poem “Democracy” by Langston Hughes. He uses first person point of view and analogy to describe and show that black people and white people should be treated equally. According to the speech “Ain't I a woman?” by Sojourner Truth. She expresses what she believes about equality between women and men. She uses word choice and repetition to show what she believes in democracy. Hughes and Truth have same view on democracy. Nevertheless, they use different strategies to display what they assume on
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