Equality In Society: The Importance Of Diversity

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Folks stood bravely on the stage of the auditorium with the spotlights shone brightly onto them. They're lined horizontally facing the crowd either with confidence of acceptance or fears of rejections by the society. With the accompany of the harmonious music, one by one the folks gave a speech regarding themselves. Although they're are dissimilar from one another, the crowd gave them a warm hearted applause as they finish talking. The folks on stage are of diverse races, ages, genders, personalities, strengths and weaknesses. These differences within humans is labeled as diversity. The actions of the audiences towards the acceptance of diversity within humans is strongly symbolized by the word 'harmony'. From this scenario, it is frank to define that harmony within diversity must be nurtured and cherished.…show more content…
In this universe, there are four major human races which are commonly known as the Caucasian, Asian, Negroid and Australoid. Different races have different physical characteristics. For instance, they have different hair, eyes and skin colours. Not only that, it is believed that diverse races have different ethnics and beliefs respectively. As equal beings, everyone lives together in the same planet, regardless the race a person is. Racism should be avoided among humankind. The society of different races should come together to communicate and accept one another to unite as a powerful bond. This unity of the people participates well in bringing world peace. As a result, this provides a comfortable and conducive environment for humankind to bear and live in. Thus, caring for the diversity among nations is a key to live together harmoniously within the diversity for an

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