Equality In The 19th Century

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Up to date the history of United States has been the main subject that researchers have concentrated on since history. [1]It revolves through the Europeans background and typically the unequal treatment that was experienced amongst the people of different races. The right of people was not respected. Consequently, the people engaged in great wars in protesting against discrimination. The constitution was therefore used to enhance the same. The paper seeks to discuss in details the constitution amendment of America as the factor that has enhanced towards establishment of justice in all areas of life according to jurisdiction of the law.
The United States constitution always calls upon for equality protection by the law. This is the main composition
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But through the amendments of constitution it has facilitated towards the equality of justice to all people regardless of the race. This includes all the human rights which are protected by the law. The ruling of the law calls upon for equal treatment of people as per the law of the land hence equal judgment to all people in regardless to the provisioned law of the land. Federal government is therefore mandated to enforce this law of jurisdiction equality to all human rights. The constitution deliberated about legislative process carried by the congress, legislatures of the state, legislatures of the state and also the initiative of the citizen. All this geared towards assurance of equality by the federal governed hence equality in terms of treatment of all people regardless of the races. Through the different process of constitution amendments geared towards the…show more content…
This is mainly focused on the use of electronics in searching processes. Due to innovative technology which has led to more computers this has geared towards the increase of electronic crimes through the internets. Such crimes evidence can be found in computers handset. The fourth amendment focuses on searching and seizing electronics devices. Most of the cases which involve electronics searches, the law enforcement should be put in place to allow the governments conduct search outside its’ premises. Though case law is splinted, employees tend not to have genuine privacy expectations in connection with the companys’ computer which store data. During 11th September 2001 when there was a trade canter attack in the pentagon and general in the whole world, the president came up with electronic surveillance policy to strengthen the searches program. This patriotic act was mainly created to increase the capability of enforcement of law thus searching telephonic communication, emails and any financial record would be easier to access. The law permitted search warranty which permitted access to voicemails hence obtaining the relevant information needed. The procedures of getting such warranties were made minimal hence making it very easier to obtain them. The controversy brought in by this law enforcement is the sneaking and peak warranty which was
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