Equality In The Military

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In the modern era, everyone is striving to achieve equality among genders, races, and nationalities. While equality is a great thing and something that this country needs, war and combat are not the places that women belong. They have strengths and weakness that are better used in aspects other than on the front lines with a rifle.

There are areas that women are superior, such as they are typically smarter than men in the military; therefore, an administrative role may just suit them better. Women are also more compassionate than men, making them a better nurse or doctor on base, caring for men who get wounded on the battlefield.

Some weaknesses women have include: they are not as strong as the men and they are not held to the same physical requirement as the men, hence making them less capable if someone were to be injured and the only person fighting along their side was a woman, her physical standards are less so she would be unable or further hindered if she had to carry him out of the battlefield. Alongside being weaker, women’s body frames are more petite and fragile than the men’s therefore making it more likely for them to be injured on the terrain and have more struggles hiking and keeping up with the men’s fast paced hike. Dating all the way back to the Bible it was considered an insult to have women in your army and is used on several occasions to insult different kings by stating that they have armies of women.
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