Equality In Whale Rider

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In the movie, Whale Rider director Niki Caro, showed a considerable measure of themes one of which is equality. Wangara chiefs needs to pick next chief that is a first-conceived and male who is considered Paikea’s direct relatives. Pai, an 11 year old girl believes she is bound to be the next chief. However, her grandfather Koro wants to keep the tradition to pick a male leader. Pai adores Koro, but she must fight him to satisfy her fate. Equality is one of the main theme in the movie and it was shown through the training and how Pai was treated by Koror that she can’t be the next leader.

Koro is an extremely successful leader as he took responsibility over his people. The old traditions were vital to him and he needed everyone to feel the similar way. As years pass by he realised his leadership is not working so he began to search for a new leader. The old chief’s persuade that the tribe’s tragedy began at Pai’s birth, and calls for his people to bring their firstborn boys to him for a training. After a few years Koro decided to find a new leader in the young Wangara boys, Pai is
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She is strong, the natural heir, and very persistent. Pai deserves to be next leader regardless of her gender. Koro was blinded by various things that he didn 't the signs that Pai is the next leader. For instance, her skills on stick fighting and the whale tooth. The stick fighting is required for the tribe to learn particularly for the next leader. Koro witnessed what occurred between Pai and Hemi during stick fighting that was going on between them, yet he disregarded it. And for the whale’s tooth, Koro didn’t know that Pai succeeded to get it under the ocean not until Nanny let him know the truth when Pai was riding the whale from the distance. In the world sometimes women can likewise accomplish something that men can’t do, regardless of other people thinking that women doesn’t have the strength or the certainty to do
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