Equality Revealed In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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The book Anthem by Ayn Rand is a very interesting book. At first it is confusing to the reader because of the use of the words we and us instead of I. The main character, Equality 7-2521 introduces himself in the plural form. The reader takes a while to figure this out. The era that Equality is in, is after the Great Rebirth. Their leaders, Council of Vocations, enforced these rules, and the people that over-rule they are the World Council. They strictly made everyone follow certain rules and they made the people to use the word “we’’ instead of I. They wanted everyone to be equal instead of different. The people in this story had numbers instead of names, well some did. After the Great Rebirth technology was destroyed. They had no electricity,…show more content…
For four years he was there. Within those four years he made a friend, International 4-8818. One day while they were sweeping they found an iron grill over a black hole. Equality wanted to go explore it, but International was afraid and it is forbidden to do that. Equality responded with “The council does not know of this hole, so it cannot be forbidden” (31; ch1). He was starting not to care about the laws at that point. They found a room left from the Unmentionable Times. After that Equality always sneaks out at night when the Street Sweepers are in the City Theater. He has stolen candles, flints, knives, glass and a lot more. Equality sins have become greater and he is starting to feel less guilty about it. In time Equality has become more intelligent while being down there. He has performed experiments and he made a great discovery, light. Equality wanted to do something with the light he made. In addition, he also found a girl, Liberty 5-3000, she is from the Home of Peasants. The girl and he have fallen in love with each other. They talk and walk together whenever they get the chance to. That is another transgression he broke, but he is starting not to feel guilty. Equality feels like the girl Liberty, thinks the same as he. They named each other, Liberty named Equality the Unconquered and Equality named Liberty, Golden
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