Equatorial Zone Essay

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## Put “You will learn” (Objective of the chapter below title)
## Check the title; the chapter covers both evergreen forest and desert in equatorial zone

Let’s do
List out the five countries which have both - desert and forest areas.
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____________________________ _________________________ __________________ ## Please link the warm up activity with the topic covered in the chapter that is equatorial zone.

## Check the phrase- equatoial zone can be used
## Tropical rainforest
The surface of the earth has variety of natural regions. Each region has different climate, vegetation and animal life. In this chapter we will
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Therefore only some thorny bushes, xerophytic plants, cacti, prickly pear, acacia, short grasses etc. are found. Date palms grow near oasis .

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Human life
Population in the equatorial regions is less due to its geographical factors. The forest areas are home to tribals. The tribals in the forests have their own customs and culture. They engage in subsistence farming, hunting and collecting fruits from forest. In some regions forests are cleared and crops such as rice, tobacco, sugarcane, tea, coffee, palms etc. are grown. Mangoes are also grown in these areas.
Most of the deserts are entirely without human life. Population can be found in and around oasis. Inhabitants of the desert regions are nomadic tribes, who keep wandering from one place to another in search of pastures and water. Mining is the next important activity of this area. Some people live by hunting.

Do you know?
 The Pygmies are the original inhabitants who live in the dense forest areas of Zaire.
 Arica in Chile went without rain for 14
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