Equiano And Falconbridge Primary Passage Analysis

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Name:Conor Corcoran ________________________ Equiano & Falconbridge primary source exercise 1) How are Equiano and Falconbridge similar in describing the Middle Passage? What specific examples are consistent between the two accounts? The brutally of slaves and beating up slaves. How in Equiano the author was talking about how he had never seen so much brutally and mistreatment with slaves and in Falconbridge it talks about how The traders frequently beat those slaves. Then as well with the Middle passage traveling how in Falconbridge it says "The man slaves, on being brought aboard the ship, are immediately fastened together, two and two, by hand-cuffs on their wrists, and by irons riveted on their leg" (Freeman 3). And then in Equiano it talks about how the author saw tons of slaved chained together and he was horrified. 2) How do the two accounts differ in describing the Middle Passage? Do these inconsistencies discredit either story? Yes they are completely different when describing the middle passage with selling slaves based on age. According to Falcon Bridge they first examine slaves relative to their age compared to Equiano it says that merchants had no regard to people 's sex or age. In Falconbridge having to doing with women on the ship "it says It often happens, that those who are placed at a distance from the buckets, in endeavoring to get to them, tumble over their companions in consequence of their being shackled. These accidents, although
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