Equiano And Rowlandson Being Kidnapped Essay

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Being kidnapped is not something you want to experience. Has someone important in your life ever been kidnapped? In the narratives of Equiano and Rowlandson they tell why and how they were kidnapped. Nobody but the person who has been kidnapped will understand how scary it can be. In “A Narrative Of The Captivity” and “The Interesting Narrative Of The Life Of Olauhdah Equiano “ they have similarities and differences that they each can relate to by their stories of being kidnapped. Mary and Equiano are kidnapped in ways that are alike and different. For example, Mary is carried away during a Wampanoag raiding that wanted to trade hostages for money. This raiding was caused by Metacomet’s former assistant giving information to the colonists. Equiano was kidnapped from his house by African raiders involved in the slave trade. Equiano was captured because it was a great demand for…show more content…
The authors relate their stories together to show there is multiple ways of being kidnapped. Both Equiano and Rowlandson describe how they were kidnapped as horrifying yet miserable. Another reason the narratives are related to each other are the time periods of the 17th and 18th century. In the 17th and 18th century they had the wars and slavery where Mary’s family was kidnapped while Equiano’s family was captured for slavery. Describing how they both felt during their time period of being kidnapped can bring them together to talk more about their stories. In the kidnappings of Equiano and Rowlandson they both can relate to each other’s feelings. Giving information to colonists led to the kidnapping of Mary while Equiano was captured to be a slave. Treated poorly and being starved can take a toll on your body making your body slow down. Being in the same time periods as slavery and wars it is not a safe environment. Kidnapping is never okay, nor something anyone would want to
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