Equiano Olaudah: Ending Slavery

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Equiano’s narrative not only open doors to ending slavery, but also gives us some clear insight about the many struggles the slaves had endured.
Equiano Olaudah, who was born in 1745, was a member of the Eboe tribe who came from a village in Essaka (Benin) which is now southeastern Nigeria, West Africa. Part of his culture, was having a mark placed on a certain part of his body, which was significant to his culture. According to Equiano, “This mark conferred on the person entitled to it, by cutting the skin across at the top of the forehead, and drawing it down to the eyebrows; and while it is in this situation applying a warm hand, and rubbing it until it shrinks up into a thick weal across the lower part of the forehead” ( Equiano p. 5-6).
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