Equine Dentist Career Essay

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Although I going to strive to become an Equine dentist, sometimes things get in the way of life and you need to re-route yourself. If life just so happens to get in my way and interfere with me becoming an Equine dentist i have two backup careers. My first one is being a Horse breeder, and my second one is being a Vet tech. I chose theses two careers as my backup plan because most of the college prerequisites and other course work are the same, and because it still has my passion in it, animals. The first career I am going to talk about is Vet tech. This relates to being an Equine dentist is because it deals with animals still and I can still make a difference in animals life and make sure they are comfortable. In this career you need to do things such as give animals shots, take…show more content…
Horse breeding is basically picking out good genetics to mate two horses to create an offspring that is designed for a specific discipline, such as a racehorse, a grand prix horse for olympic level jumping, a barrel racing horse, etc. This relates to an Equine dentist because I am still dealing with horses. I can still have an impact on making sure an animal has the best life possible by making sure there won't be any genetic mutations such as a bad leg, a crooked neck, or bad teeth. The average salary for a Horse breeder is $37,950 (study 1). This job field is unfortunately looking to decline about 20% by the year 2020 (study 1). I have a friend that I ride horses with who breeds horses for a living, She bred her own horse and it is about a year old now and she plans on training it to jump when it reaches the proper age because that is what she bred it for. It is supposed to be a really really nice horse as well and doctors are very impressed my the way the hose is built. She makes me want to be a horse breeder because she got to basically make her own horse and she gets to have the horse its entire

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