Equipment Maintenance Management

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1.0 Introduction
Technology and health care equipment play an important role in the delivery of health services due to growing demand throughout the world for more and better health care. Thus, both manufacturers and users of health care equipment need to ensure that properly manufactured high quality equipment and maintained for safe, effective and reliable operation in a clinical environment in order to avoid the use of defective equipment such as injury or death and subsequent malpractice litigation. Moreover, selection of the best available equipment can saves time and money as well as lower frequency of breakdowns and smaller expenses for spare parts, service and maintenance. A major challenge to the South African government is selecting
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The importance of technology management, especially equipment maintenance is an integral part of hospital management.
By using equipment management information systems to provide complete analysis of specific financial and clinical indicators, as well as conform to regulatory and accreditation requirements. However, health care equipment in South Africa still remains a major problem in the delivery of health services. In South Africa, equipment tender boards lack technical expertise to choose equipment that meets health needs and technology requirements.
A review of the literature on equipment maintenance problems in Sub-Saharan Africa shows that previous studies were focused on individual and donor-supported programmers. So, this is the first study more focused on equipment maintenance personnel. It seeks to investigate equipment maintenance problems from the perspective of technology managers, technicians and medical engineers and in public hospitals.
2.3 Research Method and
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As a result, the way health technology is managed in health care institutions direct affects the quality of treatment patients receive. Although strategic importance of technology in health care has been prove in scientific literature, procurement, equipment planning and management but have not received the attention they deserve in change of health care services in the two countries under the

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