Equity Literacy Case Analysis Worksheet: Normal Or Special School

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Student’s name: Stephani Anugrahman Template: Equity Literacy Case Analysis Worksheet Case Sheet #5 /5 Class: B by Paul C. Gorski and Seema G. Pothini Date: March 1, 2016 Case: Own Story Title: Normal or Special School? Location: Bandung, Indonesia Case: One of my sunday school student named William was diagnosed as an autistic kid. It was hard for me to make him stop talking or moving. He was very active and hard to concentrate during sunday school. Sometimes he can stay quietly but after 10 minutes or so, he will start moving again. He was a 6 grader in one of the most famous Christian primary school in Bandung, Indonesia. He can communicate with others but it is hard to understand his behaviour. If I scolded him, he would cry and did not want to listen to me again, so I must tell him nicely how he supposed to behave. He loved to check out stuff that did not belong to him and touched his peers. That is why many of his schoolmates and sunday school friends avoided him. Near the end of the last semester for William in grade 6, Mrs. Linda, his mom told me that he got bad score on most of the subject at his school. It has been the second time Mrs. Linda got this kind of news. The school asked Mrs. Linda to send William to a special school but Mr. Linda refused because she wants William to adapt with a normal school’s situation because it will be useful for William in the future but in the same time, the school also right, they do not want William to have a hard

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