Er Brockovich Character Analysis

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Main Characters & Their Moral Development
Erin "Patty" Brockovich:
Erin is a thirty three years old- divorced single mother of three youngsters by the name of Matthew, Katy and Beth age eight years, six years and nine months severally with the movie starts, Erin was troubled single parent with very little or no money resources and is shown within the initial scenes of the image attempting her near finest to accumulate employment. Her primary concern is that the well-being of her 3 kids. No matter what actions she takes as are restricted by the emotions that force her to become what she considers to be a responsible and caring parent.
Moral development:
She is seen showing her utmost desperation to induce the task of assistant to a doctor. Throughout the interview she tries to adapt the interrogator in considering the very fact that she is a mother of three kids and is unmarried. Afterwards her accident she appointed Masry as her professional lawyer to win her the remedy for her as she didn’t have any job and additionally lacked in cash. Sadly for her she lost and Masry was unsuccessful for winning her the remedy. She then tries to contact Ed with no luck on it then planned to confront him by operating in his workplace without his permission. Once Ed finds concerning this they winds up being in a quarrel and ultimately Erin was able to persuade Ed for employment. Until this time Erin is following Stage one and Stage two.
Her life takes a giant turnover once gets hits to a
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