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ERA III in the field of medicine Era III is a new thread of healing challenging the conventional medicine, for era III healing have become a part of conventional medicine. The use of era III treatment varies from different healthcare providers. In order, to understand how era III changed and became a part of conventional medicine, let 's answer the question of what is era III, and what are some evidence promoting era III in the medical field today? Furthermore, what makes era III healing believable to physicians, but, what weakens era III healing as a practice to deny? Last but not least, how has era III contributed to the medical field and what parts of era III healing should be incorporated into modern medicine?
Larry Dossey’s definition
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Dossey mentioned in his book on how western medicine was based on human knowledge at the time. For example, the book entitled “Reinventing Medicine: Beyond Mind-Body to a new era of healing” noted how during the 19 century President George Washington was blead to remove is illness, rather than, fighting his infection physicians in that time promoted the aliment to progress (Dossey, 2000). Therefore, George Washington’s physicians practiced what seemed the ideal method.
Similarly, the medical field today base their patient care on knowledge acquired. For some time alternative healing such as era III was not widely accepted. Why alternative was not widely accepted? The book entitled “The Sociology of Health, Illness and Health Care” mentioned how alternative medicine is not a commonly taught subject to medical doctors (Weitz, 2013), thus, most physicians are not fully knowledge in different alternative medicine. Re-emphasizing the point made earlier, that physician base their care for patient on knowledge acquired. Henceforth, since most medical school don’t utilize knowledge of alternative medicine; alternative medicine is unlikely accepted and used in the medical
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