Eradications In The Veldt

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In “The Veldt,” by Ray Bradbury, the parents, George and Lydia, are to criticize for their own annihilation. The Veldt is a story about how virtual reality had a deficient influence on a family. This family moved into a house with an excessive load of technology. Everyday the children, Wendy and Peter, would go to the nursery and wreckage around with the virtual reality. They spent hours and sometimes even days in there. After a while they got incredibly addicted to the VR and never interacted with their own family. Then, this provoked them to eventually eradicate their parents because they treasured virtual reality to a higher degree than their own family. First in the story, it says, "But I thought that 's why we bought this house, so we wouldn 't have to do anything?" This demonstrates that the parents…show more content…
So with all of this information the parents in, “The Veldt,” shouldn’t have purchased a house with an excessive amount of technology. They also shouldn’t have allowed their kids ' to play with the VR everyday, all day. This is why I believe that the parents are to incriminate for their own eradications in the story, “The Veldt.” Based on the research that I have done, I strongly believe that technology is destroying our humanity. We need to change this. To do that, parents should start monitoring not only their kids technology, but their own as well. One of the most tremendous problems at home is parents are constantly are on technology which is almost like giving the ok for their kids to be on technology as well. Also kids are surrounded with technology everywhere they go, especially at school. Teachers are giving so many assignments on the computer, so students have no choice whether to be on technology or not. Students have to be on technology for their school work and tests. Based on the last few sentences I think schools should try to limit the amount of time students are on technology. Those are 2 ways that will help avoid what happened in, “The
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