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SIT COMFORTABLY and PROTECT YOUR BACK Abstract The human act of sitting has become more commonplace over the past century due to the transition into the modern office model. American spend up to11 hours a day sitting on chairs. While the typical swivel chair serves the purposes of allowing a human to rest his body on it, it does no more. Ergonomic chairs are chairs specially designed, conceived, innovated and constructed to reap benefits for its users. These benefits include: facilitating office performance and productivity, protecting the user’s body from physical harm, and also that it is easier to use. This white paper puts forth that business decision makers should adopt ergonomic chairs as it not only protects…show more content…
The swivel chair, as we currently know it, thus took on this role in the modern office worker’s desk. Comparing between normal and ‘good’ chairs To find out whether a chair is useful for its user, it is important to consider what its primary functions are. Firstly, chairs must be able to support a person’s body by fitting the person who sits in it. Due to the fact that humans come in different shapes and sizes, the design of a chair must be able to accommodate the range of sizes of its users. Next, a chair should also support a range of activity and promote movement that encourages the body’s natural movements while providing ample support to the key points of contact: the back, buttocks, arms and head. Movement should not require conscious effort, and the role of a good chair is to enhance the ease of movement by moving with its user (Festervoll, 1994). The above two reasons are among the basic functions of any chair. However, a distinction between the functions of an ordinary chair and a ‘good chair’ is necessary given the long duration that humans spend sitting on…show more content…
They based on the following metrics applicable for chair use: chair features, chair comfort, ease of use, body support and the overall chair experience. The above bar chart conclusively and irrefutably shows a wide disparity between Knoll’s ergonomic products and the generic swivel chair for all five metrics. From the above study, it can be concluded that ergonomic chairs lead to a superior sitting experience. This study corresponds with and checks the boxes for the reported functions of good chairs, specifically ergonomic chairs. Conclusion In conclusion, there is an indubitable case for the widespread implementation of ergonomic chairs as sitting is a widespread human activity. From the perspective of business decision makers, the call to implement office-wide ergonomic chairs can only reap supernormal benefits for its employees- from health benefits, to productivity increases, and to achieving a more aesthetic and modern outlook. Business decision makers are thus highly encouraged to adopt ergonomic chairs in their offices. References American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. (n.d.) Desks & Chairs Affect Productivity. Retrieved from

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