Eric Erikson's Psychosocial Theory

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About Eric Erikson:- Eric Erikson was an illicit child born near Frankfurt in Germany at 1902 and there was a secret romance among his Jewish mother and an unknown Danish fellow. His mother got married when he was three years old, but Erikson acquired his biological father in appearance. Later in 1933 Erikson was married to Joan Mowat Erikson whom he met when traveled to America to escape from European despotism. Joan Erikson turned into Erik’s editor and research partner; they had four children and continued their married for 64 years, till his demise in 1994 by age 81. (Erikson’s Psychosocial Developmental Stages) Psychosocial Theory: The term ‘psychosocial’ mean by comprising two terminologies from the word psychological (mind) and social (relationships). Erikson supposed that his psychosocial opinion is genetically predictable in shaping human development. The psychosocial arises in all kind of people. Erikson also state in his theory about ‘epigenesis’ and the ‘epigenetic principle’, which indicated the concept of significance to evolution (historical and upcoming) and genetics. He also explained about his use of the word ‘epigenesis’; the “epi mean ‘above’ in space and ‘before’…show more content…
Other high-risk issues for children during this period are poor parenting practices, high levels of fight in the family and a weak bonding between children and parents relationships. These problems can be prevented from self- supervision or self-control; communication; decision making and problem solving and avoiding with negative and limiting social
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