Crisis According To Erickson's Theory

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According to Eric Erickson, a prominent development theorist of the 1950s, young people must be resolved in two adolescent life "crisis." Unlike many of his other development theorists of that era, the psychological theory of human development Erickson covers the entire life cycle, including adulthood. Erickson used the "crisis" is the word to describe a series of internal conflicts linked to the development stage. Crisis will determine their personal identity and future development based on human Erikson 's theory, methods of solving. In this article, we limited our adolescence but Erickson 's theory a more complete discussion of the crisis information can be found in the article describes the development of the child. The first crisis usually occurs in early to mid-adolescence, known as identity confusion and identity crisis. The struggle to find the development of the crisis on behalf of the unique, individual identity, while…show more content…
For example, a girl might try aloof and distant boys around to see if she might attract more attention this way. Youth will also observe their peers and adults, they admire, to develop and improve their social skills. For example, they may be viewed on a popular youth gathering, in order to better learn social skills. They may have noticed, it is very popular very interesting fellow, tells a good joke; or they may find that they are lively and aunt always ask how the views of others, rather than talk about their monopoly of the conversation. This learning process, so that they create a family, friends, and even lifelong companion strong social networks. Young in the process will try them together in different ways to interact with others of their way to experience success and failure. Ultimately, this kind of social support network so that young people have a few options to establish intimate feelings of people, and found that these relationships
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