Eric Foner's Influence On American History

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2nd "Eric Foner." American History. ABC-CLIO, 2016. Web. 13 May 2016. Eric Foner is an american historian that grew up all his life to be what he is today. He has grown up to become a famous historian and, he knows the importance of history. This is a biography and this biography shows how Eric Foner becomes a historian. The point of the book is to demonstrate how history has greatly impacted someone 's life. Eric grew up in New York with his father who taught him all about history and its importance, he says he was his “first great teacher.” His father was a college professor who taught history to many students and says his son was his best student. Eric would later go to study physics but, eventually he graduated as a historian. If I were to explain this to someone I would say that this is a biography about a person who will become a famous historian and how history impacted his life. This was a useful source, very useful in knowing the background of history and how this can shape someone 's life for the better. This is very different from the other sources because the topic of history is explained through someones life. The other sources just go by pure fact and and…show more content…
For my last citation I choose another biography, this biography is a little bit different than the other one that I have. This one describes an author who writes about African American History and what was going on during those times. The point of this biography is to show yet another example of where history contributes to everyday lives of everybody. Charles Chesnutt could not make a living if it wasn’t for history. He realizes that we have to look back on what we have done then, then look today and try to improve ourselves with the mistakes of the past. If someone asked me what this book is about and why I choose it I would say that, “this is a biography that describes a person who knows history and wants to make us better by writing books that inform us about the past so we can
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