Police Brutality Cases

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Issue paper: Eric Garner Was Choked to Death for Selling Loosies (http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/12/03/the-policies-behind-eric-garner-s-death.html) Name University Issue paper: Eric Garner Was Choked to Death for Selling Loosies Violations by police officers, noble cause corruption, selective administration, misuse of power, perjury, and many other misconducts leave no stone unturned to make public crazy and exasperated for irrational policing. However, the balance in police’s power and duties remain the question of consideration with the passage of time and it seems to be unresolved. Thousands of police cases regarding police abuse and other police brutality cases indeed portray a picture of an unhealthy society of the US (Tonry, 2008). For example, cases of Joseph Erin Hamley, Rodney King's arrest and beating, Kelly Thomas, Eric Garner, A San Diego Police Department constable, penalized jail for sexually assaulting multiple ladies, A Tennessee patrolman forced a woman to perform oral sex, Angel Perez and so on are some of the prime examples in this category. Subsequently, it would be judicious to…show more content…
Hence, it can be said that, disagreement or dissatisfaction goes up to any extent in people’s lives, seeing peace and violence, which seemed to be stuck systematized (Bell, 1992). Nonetheless, some national reports refute police abuse, broken windows policing and misconduct by them fully and they also indicate racial profiling and racism’s elements in such policing. Additionally, these reports also encourage body-worn- cameras and advocate its recording as the evidence in
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