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At the age of 26 Eric Hosmer has been to two World series and has claimed 8 awards such as Golden glove, Rookie of the month, and Kansas city player of the year. This solidifies Eric as one of the best first basemen in the MLB. Eric John Hosmer is a MLB first basemen who was born on October 24, 1989 in South Miami ,FL. Eric’s father Mike was a retired Firefighter and his mother Ileana was a nurse. Eric’s mother Ileana came from cuba at the age of seven. This had an effect on Eric and the way he saw life. Eric started playing baseball at an early age and was always coached by his father Mike. Later in the years Eric started playing select baseball and traveled all around the country. When Eric was a teenager he was associated with several little league teams and multiple championships under his belt.
Once Eric got to high
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On february 18, 2012 Eric signed a one year contract. Eric was at bat 535 times with 65 runs, 124 hits, a TB of 192, and 14 home runs. In 2013 Eric had 17 home runs, at bat 623, had 86 runs, 188 hits, and a TB of 279.
In 2014 Eric helped the Royals win the series against the Oakland A’s and set a record for getting on base 5 times and hitting a two-run homer in the ALDS. Eric became the first MLB player to hit a triple and a homer in extra innings. After making pass the rounds in the playoffs Eric help lead the Kansas city Royals to the World series. Eric fought hard, but sadly lost to San Francisco Giants in game seven. Eric was very sad and disappointed, but came back the very next year and help the Royals go to another world series. In game 5 Eric hit and got onto base and then would later steal home plate and ended up tying the game. The royals would later win 7-2.
So who is Eric hosmer? Eric hosmer is a guy who grew up in Florida and had a dream to play baseball that would later come true because of his dedication, hard work, and passion to the
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