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Eric Liddell was a Scottish athlete and a christian missionary, who chose between his religious beliefs and instead of competing in an Olympic race. Eric Liddell was Scotland 's fastest sprinter. He was their hero. He was born January 16, 1902, Tianjin, China. Eric died was because he had a brain tumor and died February 21,1945, Weifang, China. He had won every 100-meter race he had run since early in his running career. His quick speed earned him a spot on the 100-meter British Olympic team. He chose not to race in the 100 meter (his best event) because it was the held on Sunday.The Christian sabbath. They wrote bad things about him in the newspaper. Some people even called him a traitor. But Eric stood firm. He had never run on Sunday and never would, not even for an Olympic gold medal. Eric trained and qualified for…show more content…
However, after being in the camp for almost two years, Liddell became very sick. He had a stroke and was unable to walk. The man, who had helped so many, now could not help himself. One morning Eric, the super athlete, who was now only 43, began to have trouble breathing. A little girl, who had come to visit, ran to get help. When she returned with a friend of Eric 's, he looked up at his friend and said, "It is surrender." Eric died that same day. It was later determined that he had a large brain tumor. The entire camp mourned his death. When news reached Scotland a few months later, the entire country also mourned the death of their beloved athlete who died at such a young age.
Eric Liddell would not have ever imagined it, but his devotion to God and commitment to spread the story of Jesus did not end in that brutal prison camp. His life and testimony is remembered around the world. His story has touched the hearts of millions. Quotes
“I run the first 200m as hard as I can. Then, for the second 200m, with God’s help, I run harder.“
“I believe that god made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast and when I run I feel his

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