Eric Schlosser Chapter 8 Summary

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Eric Schlosser begins chapter eight by sharing his experience of visiting one of America 's largest slaughterhouses. His tour starts from the end of the production line and as he continues all the way until the very beginning of the line details get even more vivid and graphic. While viewing the slaughterhouse, Schlosser takes note in the large amount of workers steadily doing in their work. Next, the book talks about the workforce at a slaughterhouse. Mentioning some of the gruesome jobs that people have to do in order to make a living for themselves. All of these jobs come with a high chance of getting injured. According to the book, injuries can range from, deep cuts to death. Despite the fact employees are already suffering from their…show more content…
The book states that most of these workers are undocumented immigrants. When cleaning a slaughterhouse, one must be very cautious. Schlosser also includes some accidents that happened to some people while on the job. After that Fast Food Nation begins to discuss the involvement of a federal agency named Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). According to the book, the government tried to lower the amount of inspections from this agency, resulting in a higher injury rate. IBP was one company that took advantage of this and decided to lie about the amount of injuries. This resulted in a federal investigation that ended with the company having to pay fines and put a new safety program in place. However, this didn’t prevent the company from deceiving its workers. The book tells us that one worker was lied by a company nurse about his injury and on top of that the he had to return to work. This led to another investigation that proved that many injured employees had to return to work on drastic measures. Although efforts were made by OSHA to help protect the workers from injuries, companies somehow always found a way to get around

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