Eric Schlosser: Facts And Summary

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Eric Schlosser is an author and an investigative journalist who “tries to explore subjects ignored by the mainstream media and give a voice to people at the margins of society (1).” Mr. Schlosser uses the knowledge he gained at both Princeton University and Oxford to write extraordinary books based off his hard work and investigating. In this book, Mr. Schlosser looks at the fast-food industry and the effects it has had on people 's lives. He begins with the history of McDonalds and then branches out to the history of the associated industries of fast food. Eric Schlosser points out important issues such as good nutrition, food safety, animal welfare, worker rights and sustainable agriculture. In the book, he also questions the “Americanization” of food around the world, and its associated health issues, such as obesity and heart disease. Another main point Mr. Schlosser discusses, are the ranchers, the feedlots, the slaughter houses, and the packaging companies. Which areas that most people do not…show more content…
Schlosser took the time to research and give information about every aspect that pertains to fast food. He also gave a voice to the workers with leaves an impact on the reader. Letting employees work in terrible conditions, exposed to dangerous chemicals/gases and not training the employees enough to do the job well is pathetic on the part of these billion dollar companies. Although this book has not changed my eating habits drastically, it has made me a wiser consumer. Because this book is dated, I would love to see Eric Schlosser write another book detailing changes that the fast food industry has made sense the release of this book. For example, many fast food places (McDonalds specially) have included apples, salads and chicken options to their menus. Granted, there is still a long way to go, but I think he should publish these changes and acknowledge what has changed for the better and what still needs to
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