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In the piece, “Your Trusted Friends”, investigative journalist, Eric Schlosser, exposes how Walt Disney and Ray Kroc perfected the art of selling products to children. Schlosser begins the article with explaining that though Disney and Kroc were unsuccessful alone, both men knew how to motivate and find talent within their individual teams. Providing guidance and leadership, the two oversaw their separate corporations while relying on others to control the financial and creative details. Schlosser then writes that the men’s marketing efforts towards children were their most significant achievement. Their success in sales influenced the world’s largest corporations into including children in their consumer demographics. Following his introduction,…show more content…
He writes that advertisers collect data on children using many means such as conducting surveys, organizing focus groups, creating clubs, and requesting information from young consumers through the internet. He believes that due to the abundance of children watching television, more advertisements are being broadcasted on children’s cable networks. For his final topic, Schlosser identifies the cross-promotions between fast-food companies and other industries. As stated by Schlosser, a considerable amount of the fast-food industry has collaborated with leading manufactures, sports leagues, and Hollywood studios. For an example, he uses the global marketing agreement shared by Disney and Kroc’s corporations, believing that the integration of two large brands is beneficial to the sales and profit of both companies involved.
Throughout his writing, Eric Schlosser argues that the cooperation between businessmen Walt Disney and Ray Croc, along with other collaborations, advertisements in the media, and relying on others to help with various creative and financial details led to the prosperity of both companies. To conclude his writing, Schlosser reiterates that the two entrepreneurs perfected the art of marketing to America’s younger demographic, as well as claiming that both the work of Disney and Kroc unite in the ultimate form of

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